Rapidly Design and Develop E-learning Courses

Pick the Right Authoring Tools to Develop Rapid eLearning Courses

  • Rapidly designing an eLearning program is imperative in any fast-paced business environment. In this context, it is prudent to employ rapid authoring tools that can help you design eLearning courses that are less expensive and cost efficient.
  • Access our kit to:
    • Know how to develop rapid eLearning courses with the help of the right authoring tools
    • Define/Refine the criteria to choose the ideal authoring tool for your specific needs
    • Understand the design and developmental aspects of rapid eLearning development

The kit Rapidly Design and Develop E-learning Courses includes:

  • A Webinar on "Choosing The Right Authoring Tools For eLearning Development"
  • A Presentation on "Rapid Authoring Tools for eLearning"

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