Best Practices for Designing Meaningful E-learning Courses

Best Practices for Designing Meaningful E-learning Courses

Instructional design is the most significant aspect of a good eLearning course as it ensures the success of the course. An online course shouldn’t be designed just to share knowledge or upgrade the learners’ skills, but to assist him in applying the skills learnt in his work. So, it all starts with having a proper understanding of the instructional design principles and following a good process to design.

Do you wish to design a top-notch online course for your learners? Well, here is a kit that can assist you. With this, you will get to learn

  • What are learning design principles and how to effectively churn out an online course?
  • What is the specific process involved in designing training courses and its various elements?
  • How to set the winning learning objectives for your course?
  • How to create top-notch assessments for your eLearning course?
  • What are the best practices for course design and development?

This kit consists of the following resources:

  • Webinar: "Learning Design Process".
  • eBook: "Instructional design 101".
  • eBook: "Best Practices for eLearning Design and Development".
  • Presentation: "How Instructional Design Helps in ILT and ELearning".

Download this free kit to know more about instructional design and get tips and tricks of the trade to design first-rate online training courses.

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