Development of E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

Unleash the Power of Articulate Storyline for Developing Immersive Courses

  • If there is one tool that has exercised tremendous influence in the eLearning domain in recent times, it is Articulate Storyline. However, just like any tool, one has to gain expertise over it to fully utilize its potential. Here is a special kit we have compiled to help you understand the tool better and explore the various ways in which it can be used for developing eLearning courses.
  • Whether you are an eLearning developer or a stakeholder responsible for eLearning course development, this kit would be of immense value to you as it would give you:
    • Insights on the potential of the tool and how it can be used in your organizational context
    • Ideas on how the tool can be employed to address the training needs of your employees
    • Tips on how you can use the various features provided by the tool

The kit Development of E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline includes:

  • An eBook titled, "Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses"
  • A Webinar titled, "Articulate Storyline - A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders"
  • A Presentation on, "Tips to Build eLearning Scenarios Using Articulate Storyline"
  • A Presentation on, "Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline"

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