E-learning Adoption in Enterprises - How to Get Started

A Comprehensive Guide for E-learning Starters

E-learning Adoption in Enterprises - How to Get Started

Most organizations today are implementing e-learning to accomplish their business goals; be it improving profits by selling more, improving operational efficiencies by implementing enterprise-wide software applications or staying compliant with the relevant laws and policies.

But there are quite a few obstacles that need to be overcome before organizations can successfully rollout e-learning programs. Also, given the context of tight deadlines and employees spread all across the globe, developing e-learning courses becomes time consuming and might not always be feasible. So organizations again face a dilemma - whether to develop courses in-house or outsource - and how to recognize and select the best vendor-partner based on their requirements.

All these issues might raise several questions in your mind, especially if you are new to e-learning such as:

  • What are the benefits offered by e-learning?
  • How does e-learning help businesses overcome the challenges in achieving business results?
  • What are the obstacles for adopting e-learning?
  • What are the factors to be considered before implementing e-learning?
  • How to decide which phase of e-learning is to be outsourced?
  • How to select the right vendor-partner?

To know all this and more, download our kit specially meant for starters which consists of 3 eBooks:

  • E-learning to Achieve Business Goals
  • How to Start E-learning in Your Organization: 5 Basic Considerations
  • E-learning Outsourcing

With this kit, you will also get an E-learning Cost Calculator which will provide a customized quote for outsourcing based on your e-learning requirements. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions.

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