Exploring Articulate for Developing eLearning

Explore the Suite of Articulate’s Applications

  • Articulate comprises comprehensive but easy-to-use eLearning development tools. Its latest addition, Articulate Storyline, adds to the range of solutions from Articulate.
  • Here are some useful resources that have been compiled in a kit to help you get a comprehensive idea of Articulate. This kits helps you:
    • Explore Articulate Studio and its three applications
    • Learn how Articulate Storyline can be useful for organizations as well as developers

The kit “Exploring Articulate for Developing eLearning” includes:

  • A Webinar on, "Articulate Storyline - A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders"
  • A Presentation on, "Key Features of Articulate Studio"
  • A Presentation on, "Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline"

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