Learning Objectives to Design Performance-based Training Programs

Learning Objectives to Design Performance-based Training Programs

Training equips employees with the right set of knowledge and skills to be efficient and contribute to their organizational goals. But how do we ensure training programs are designed correctly, keeping in mind the learning needs of the target audience? The first step to designing effective training programs is setting correct learning objectives.

Learning objectives are the fuel that propel training programs in the right direction. They shape training programs by helping decide the content, instructional, assessment strategies, and more. In a way, they guide instructional designers and training managers choose the right content such that learners reach the desired level of performance by the end of the training.

Here is a kit that provides all you need to know about learning objectives. The kit titled, “Learning Objectives to Design Performance-based training Programs” provides comprehensive coverage of learning objectives, right from setting learning objectives, selecting the right action verbs based on Bloom’s taxonomy to knowing how they help finalize training parameters.

More specifically, this kit consists of:

  • E-Book titled, "Fundamentals of Learning objectives in Training Design – Overview"
  • E-Book titled "Learning objectives in Training Design – Tips and Ideas"
  • A webinar on "Demystifying Learning Objectives and Evaluation of eLearning Outcomes"

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