Managing a Large E-learning Project Efficiently

Managing a Large E-learning Project Efficiently

Just as any other project, eLearning deployment within the organization is also a project that needs efficient management. When managing large eLearning projects, stakeholders might have to juggle with multiple tasks and coordinate tasks between several individuals - internal as well as external.

  • How does one plan an enterprise-wide eLearning solution?
  • What does it take to manage an eLearning project efficiently?
  • What does project management for eLearning course development involve?
  • What are the tools or infrastructure requirements to launch eLearning initiatives?
  • How do you promote eLearning within the organization?

If you would like to know the answers to these questions, this kit might be of help to you. Download the kit to understand the nuances of eLearning project management and its successful implementation in your organization.

The kit consists of the following resources:

  • Webinar titled, "eLearning 101 - How To Start eLearning".
  • Webinar titled, "Planning An Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution".
  • eBook titled, "Project Management for eLearning Course Development".
  • Presentation on, "What is eLearning?".
  • Presentation on, "Role of E-learning Champions in Making Your E-learning Initiative a Success".

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