Rationale of Professional Learning Communities for Corporate Sector

Rationale of Professional Learning Communities for Corporate Sector

Corporate organizations have woken up to the need for using technology, to facilitate social learning and collaborative learning, among their employees. It is an established fact that most learning takes place on the job. If technology can be used effectively to facilitate peer to peer interaction, across different geographical regions, it will surely sow seeds for a learning organization. However, it is easier said than done, to establish an online learning community and ensure its success.

  • What are the challenges in setting up online networked learning communities?
  • How to corporate training managers perceive the concept of learning communities?
  • What are the ground realities with respect to collaborative learning environment?

Download the kit to learn the answers to the questions above and understand the feasibility of having networked learning communities, to foster social and informal learning among employees.

This kit includes:

  • Webinar on "Realities of Networked Online Learning Communities in the Corporate World".
  • eBook on "Online Networked Learning Communities - Perceptions of Corporate Training Managers".
  • eBook on "Networked Online Learning Communities - A Survey Report".
  • Presentation on "Learning Management System for Training".

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