Outsourcing E-learning Development: What You Need to Know

Are You Ready to Outsource?

  • Outsourcing eLearning development is a significant decision and needs to be taken after carefully evaluating inhouse capabilities and external possibilities. It is not necessary to outsource the entire function of eLearning development. You can better utilize your inhouse resources, by outsourcing those activities such as production, that are less skill-intensive but time-consuming.
  • Here is a kit we’ve developed to help you decide what to outsource and what not to, and select the best eLearning partner. If your organization is looking to outsource, this kit would be of immense value as it gives you:
    • Insights into various the areas of outsourcing in the eLearning context
    • Information about the factors to consider, while making a decision on outsourcing
    • Tips on how to select the right eLearning vendor and deal with concerns about outsourcing

The kit Outsourcing E-learning Development: What You Need to Know includes:

  • An E-book titled E-learning Outsourcing - A Comprehensive Guide
  • A Webinar on Designing E-learning Programs: In-House/Outsource?
  • A Webinar on Outsource eLearning for Better Business Results

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