Latest Trends in E-learning Design and Development 2015

Get to know about the fast moving trends in the e-learning industry

Latest Trends in E-learning Design and Development 2015

Various radical developments in the sphere of learning technology have transformed the way companies train their workforce. These innovations have resulted in the development of new tools which opened new vistas in e-learning course development and delivery. It is important that you keep yourself abreast with the latest trends in e-learning design and development, so that your e-learning courses stay current and up-to-date.

Here is a kit that provides all the information you need on the latest happenings in the e-learning arena. It enables you to develop good courses using the latest design and project management techniques that meet your changing training needs better. This kit provides valuable insights into the:

  • Changes in the online course development process
  • Key aspects to consider when developing an e-learning course
  • Influence of learning styles on instructional design practices
  • Creation of highly effective online courses in a cost-effective manner

The kit consists of the following resources:

  • A Webinar: 6 Trends in E-learning Design and Development You Need to Know
  • An eBook: 116 Proven E-learning Design and Development Tips
  • An eBook: Learning Styles and Instructional Design Practices
  • An eBook: How to Design an Online Course Fast Within Budget

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