Understanding Rapid Authoring Tools for E-learning Development

Understanding Rapid Authoring Tools for E-learning Development

In order to perform a task, one needs to know the right set of tools needed and should have the proficiency to use the tools effectively. The task of developing an eLearning courseware is no different. Rapid authoring tools have been developed to ease out the process of eLearning courseware development. However, several questions come to mind when one sets out to identify the right authoring tool.

  • What are the popular rapid authoring tools in the market?
  • What are the criteria for choosing an authoring tool for eLearning courseware development?
  • How can I effectively use the features provided by the tools?

Download the kit to understand more about rapid authoring tools and how they can help you to get started with rapid eLearning in your organization.

The kit consists of the following:

  • A webinar on, "Choosing the Right Authoring Tool for E-Learning Development".
  • A webinar on, "Align Authoring Tools Templates for Effective Learning Strategies".
  • A presentation on, "Rapid ELearning Development".
  • A presentation on, "Rapid Authoring Tools for ELearning".

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