Cross Cultural E-learning for Global Audiences: Best Practices

Culture & Learning: A Framework

  • The use of e-learning is growing rapidly. However, taking into consideration the cultural barriers to learning, there are certain challenges in designing, developing, and delivering e-learning to global learners.
  • Access this webinar that focuses on making e-learning work across cultures for global audiences. It shares the experiences and perceptions of about 100 E-Learning and Training stakeholders, representing different industries in 33 countries.

The webinar Cross Cultural E-learning for Global Audiences: Best Practices answers:

  • How do cultural issues impact the design of global E-learning courses?
  • Is producing different versions of the same e-learning, the only way to address different cultures or countries?
  • What aspects of design will be done differently for different cultures, cost and time permitting?
  • How can an English e-learning be made culture-neutral to suit diverse audiences?
  • How important is multilingual
  • Which are the top 3 languages used in the industry today to reach the maximum number of people?

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