Realities of Networked Online Learning Communities in Corporate World

Get to Know the Actualities of Online Learning Communities

  • The current eLearning setup in corporate organizations emphasizes on the design and delivery of content; it is going to take a leap and move to we-Learning (collaborative eLearning).
  • Learning is an individual affair, wherein learners just log into an online platform and take the online courses. There appears to be no collaborative aspect in e-learning, although there is a lot of synchronous learning going on in the corporate world.
  • Many educational researchers, are now of the opinion that online learning communities can play a significant role, in improving the effectiveness of learning.
  • Online Learning Communities enhance learning (with interaction and sharing), but at the same time present their own challenges of implementation. This clearly indicates the need and importance of understanding the realities of networked online learning communities in the corporate world.

The webinar Realities of Networked Online Learning Communities in the Corporate World answers:

  • What does Networked Online Learning Communities mean as a concept?
  • How do Online Learning Communities enhance the effectiveness of learning?
  • What are the issues and challenges faced by organizations in introducing Online Learning Communities?
  • How do you go about introducing Networked Online Learning Communities in your organization?

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