Formulate the Right Instructional Strategy for Your E-learning Courses

How to Choose the Right Instructional Strategy for Your eLearning Courses ?

  • A good eLearning course not just shares information, but also captivates learners. But how can you create a top-notch online course? Well, you need to ensure that the content is relevant to your learners' needs and formulate the right instructional design strategy.
  • You need to comprehend content effectively and ensure it 'flows' smoothly. You also need to employ the most appropriate instructional approach. The instructional design approach specifies how the content needs to be presented in the eLearning course.
  • So, how do we create learner-centric courses that help achieve the desired outcomes? How do we decide on the right instructional design strategy for our eLearning course? What are the various instructional techniques that can be used? Are there any principles or instructional models that help us develop the right strategy?
  • These are some of the questions answered in this webinar. If you wish to see your learners fully involved in your online courses, or if you want to come up with creative ways of presenting information to make courses engaging, this webinar would be very useful.

The webinar Formulate the Right Instructional Strategy for Your E-learning Courses answers:

  • What is an instructional design strategy and how does it support learning?
  • What are the instructional models one can adopt to formulate the right design strategy?
  • What are the essential components of an instructional strategy?
  • What are the different instructional design strategies that enhance the learning experiences?
  • How to develop the right strategy for your eLearning courses?

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