6 Trends in E-learning Design and Development You Need to Know - Free Webinar

Technology is revolutionizing the way organizations train their employees. Classroom training sessions, which lasted a whole day, are being replaced with eLearning modules. Lengthy online courses spanning an hour have given way to information nuggets of less than 15 minutes. The time available for rolling out training programs has reduced considerably, resulting in the need to develop eLearning courses in quick time. The need for Just-in-Time (JIT) learning has made the delivery of online courses through the mobile device very important. These developments have changed the way eLearning design and development is being handled by organizations.

Some of the other changes are as follows:

  • IDs are more involved in the development process, thanks to rapid authoring tools
  • SMEs are not just confined to providing content
  • Storyboards are prepared using specific software tools or PowerPoint
  • E-learning courses must be compatible to multiple devices
  • Curriculum based eLearning is on rise
  • Companies are using eLearning to train employees as well as customers

How are these changes affecting the eLearning design and development? To find out, join us in the live webinar 6 Trends in E-learning Design and Development You Need to Know. The webinar will talk about the:

  • Changes in the anatomy and physiology of eLearning courses
  • Influence of technological developments in the design and development process
  • Changes in the storyboarding process
  • Authoring tools that are widely being used
  • Impact of responsive eLearning on instructional design strategies
  • Using eLearning to train customers

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