Workplace Learning via Smartphones and iPads Webinar

Tips for Successful Learning on Smartphones

  • Mobile devices are being used for most online activities today, be it bank transactions, checking emails, or booking tickets. In fact, people access information; learn to do things by logging on to the Internet through their smartphones. Smartphones, iPads, iPhones are like second skin and people find it difficult to leave them behind. After all, they enable them to network, socialize, learn just in time, and when it is required the most.
  • Given such a scenario and the conditioning of employees to the phenomenon called mobile technology, how can organizations gear themselves toward incorporating mobiles for training? Can workplace learning happen via smartphones, iPads or iPhones?
  • "How can organizations capitalize on the ubiquity of mobile devices to ensure effective knowledge transfer? Can bespoke eLearning content be converted to mLearning courses?
  • These are some of the questions that would be answered in this webinar. If you have eLearning content which you wish to use to develop mobile learning courses, or if you wish to initiate mLearning from scratch in your organization, this webinar might interest you.

The webinar Workplace Learning via Smartphones and iPads: Get Tips for Successful M-learning Implementation answers:

  • Why do you need to deliver online training via smartphones and iPads?
  • How can mobile learning transform workplace learning?
  • How to get started with mobile learning using eLearning content?
  • What are the design aspects one needs to keep in mind?
  • How to choose the right authoring tool for mLearning development?
  • How to select the best delivery model for your organization?

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