Product Knowledge Training

Enhance your sales team's product knowledge, selling skills and process competence

Training your sales force on your products, quickly, economically and at the point of sale, will yield rich dividends in terms of revenues, market share and increased morale of your sales staff.

Today’s sales professionals face twin challenges – an ever increasing lineup of products (both theirs and their competitors’) and a well-informed, demanding customer. With increasing sales quotas and territories, sales people need product and sales training that is crisp, engaging and accessible.

This changing sales environment entails a different approach towards product training.

Our strategy of breaking down the course into its essential components – features-benefits, target segment positioning, competitor positioning, services, and so on – helps the sales person retain the essential sales and product information in the right sequence. This enables them to sell more, which is the point of the training!

To enhance their selling skills, we use videos, graphics and simulations to demonstrate product features and benefits; case-studies and scenarios to present real-life sales situations; and a screen simulation approach to train on sales automation software.

To deliver effective product training to your global sales force, we translate the English course into multiple languages and populate multiple language versions in a single "switchable" interface for easy hosting, user access and maintenance.

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