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We are proud of everything we create for you.
Here’s how we do what we do best!

why us

Our unique working style is class apart. That’s what sets us apart!


Our Focus

Working with many global customers has helped us master the art of listening and understanding the requirements of our customers. We consciously practice active listening. Once we have understood your needs, we put our hearts into it and create what you want. Probably this is why our customers keep coming back to us again and again!

Our ‘Customer Comes First’

Our ‘Customer Comes First’ Mindset

Whether it is a course launch with a tight deadline or dealing with evolving project requirements as they emerge, you will find our team cheerfully going the extra mile (or several) to support you.

Our 24/7 Availability

Our 24/7 Availability

We are available for you whenever you need us. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we respond. We are available 24/7, whatever it is we are just a call away.

Our Experience in New Age Learning. Creating ‘Sticky Learning’ sets us apart !

We believe in continually raising the bar when it comes to the design and development of our rapid eLearning solutions. We don’t focus merely on developing good courses, but on designing great learning experiences! We focus on making our courses instructionally sound, and engaging learners through empathy and emotional connect – the defining traits of new-age learning.

What you are sure to love about our courses:


Learning experiences that resonate with our learners

Our eLearning Design and Development Process | Style – CommLab India 1

Strategies suited to the audience and content– stories, scenarios, game-based learning, etc.


Conceptual integrity, cohesiveness, and meaning


Courses that are easy to comprehend and recall


Sound instructional design sans bells and whistles


Maximum impact in minimum time

Our Mastery of Authoring Tools sets us apart !

Unlike the common misconception, authoring tools are not that ‘easy-to-use’, and yes you do need some expertise to work on them. Our authoring tool experts produce super-effective learning even with tight deadlines and budgets. Over the years, we’ve developed hundreds of hours of eLearning using these tools – incidentally, also meeting several atypical learning requirements along the way.

We are experts at what we do and we take pride in that. Right from when our company started, we have been the leading experts in the authoring tools of the day. If it was Flash-based eLearning in early 2000, today it includes the most popular rapid authoring tools.

These include:

Our Mastery of Authoring Tools sets us apart

We work as your team and yes it sets us apart !

We work from scratch with you and involve you in the entire process. You are always updated about the progress. Whatever your training requirement we discuss it with you in advance, plan well and follow an agile process management process.

Another thing that makes us unique is that we save you the trouble of juggling multiple vendors. CommLab India is the one-stop solution for your training needs. We help you with designing the course and then developing it too. We can translate and publish the courses as well. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Well, the entire process becomes hassle-free because you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors now.

We aim to exceed your expectations. We are obsessed with customer delight and ensure to provide you with the best.

We work as your team

You are in the best hands. Contact us today and get the work started!