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EFFECTUS – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS

Bringing Technology & Content Together

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 1

We are experts in learning and Technology Enhanced Training, with a sterling record with customers for the last 20 years. We offer LMS, custom content, off-the-shelf courses & translations, all in one place.

Why Effectus?

Because it has been created by passionate learning and training professionals of CommLab India. Effectus is a plug-and-play LMS that can be installed in just 24 hours. Effectus:

Is designed for flexible and rapid customization to suit your unique needs with: 

  • Ease
  • Speed
  • Economy

Offers a one-stop solution for: 

  • Technology
  • Custom/rapid
  • eLearning design & development
  • eLearning translations

Is backed by CommLab India’s 20 years of experience in: 

  • Teaching
  • Corporate training
  • eLearning

What Effectus Offers

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 2
For Marketing Departments
Establish Your Company as a Thought Leader through Customer Training

With Effectus, you can have separate learning portals for each of your customers! 

You can:

  • Offer your customers access to learning resources
  • Send notifications
  • Provide selective access
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Host a repository for all types of resources
  • Offer a virtual helpdesk
Generate grass-root level demand for your services and enhance customer satisfaction!
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 3
For HR/Training Departments
Provide a World-Class Blended Onboarding Experience to Your New Hires

“Wow” your new hires with Effectus through a seamless classroom, eLearning, and virtual learning experience. 

You can:

  • Upload courses, videos, job-aids in a single place
  • Track learners on their onboarding journey
  • ‘Ask an Expert’
  • Connect peers via forums/chat

Make your global onboarding a memorable experience for your employees and a piece of cake for you!

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 4
For Training Organizations
Offer an Easy-to-Use, Economical and Top-of-the-Line LMS to your Customers

If you are a training organization, Effectus helps you disseminate training to different customers seamlessly! 

You can:

  • Easily set up domains for different learner groups
  • Maintain security
  • Assign courses
  • Track activities
  • Ensure confidentiality of data
  • Control access rights within each domain

Customize Effectus to offer each customer a unique, customized experience!

What Effectus Helps You With

Effectus is designed to overcome the pain points an LMS usually causes. You will actually enjoy LMS administration with Effectus and simplify the learning journey!

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 5

Tracking Classroom Training

Is tracking your classroom training sessions becoming a problem? Are you spending most of your time on routine tasks such as sending reminders to learners and tracking attendance? 

With Effectus, you can manage your entire blended learning programs, not just online training.

  • Schedule classroom sessions (including VILT)
  • Track attendance from the portal
  • Send automated reminders and notifications
  • Generate reports – standard and custom
  • Integrate with videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype

Making the LMS Fun and Engaging

Do you want to have a ’play’ element in your LMS? Do you want a learner-friendly platform to increase footfall and increase training ROI?

Effectus packs all the fun and impact of gamification. 

  • Set up leaderboards, scores, and badges based on course completion, scores, and other criteria
  • Display where individual learners stand on the leaderboard
  • Unlock badges based on the courses completed to increase usage and drive learning
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 6
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 7

Integrated with Existing Applications

Do your learners complain whenever a new site is added to the never-ending list of applications they need to use regularly? 

Effectus offers integration with multiple apps and helps streamline performance management by tracking and linking the results of pertinent training programs.

  • Include plug and play third party tools – language packs, web conferencing tools, or more
  • Offer the single sign on facility for learners to access the LMS from your CRM or HRIS platforms

See What We Did for Our Customers

Work with a team that feels and functions like a part of you!

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