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How will Effectus LMS Improve Your Training ROI?

Different groups of users have different learning needs.

  • Your customers need access to troubleshooting videos, quick help FAQs, and notifications about upcoming webinars.
  • Your extended partners and vendors might need access to certification courses and quality guidelines.
  • Your new hires will need access to onboarding materials and ready reckoners.
  • And if you are a training organization, you will need a robust learning platform to keep track of the learning activities of each user group.
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 1

A learning management system that addresses the unique requirements of each of these groups will make training seamless and increase your return on investment.

The LMS ‘Effectus’ is configured to address the common needs of each learner group, making deployment quick and easy. It can also be customized easily to accommodate your unique requirements – and that is what Effectus offers.

What is Effectus?

Effectus is a plug and play LMS that offers rapid installation and deployment. Its intuitive user interface and visual dashboards make it easy to use – for both learners and administrators.

Effectus is an incredibly simple and economical tool to host, manage, and deliver ALL your training programs – both classroom and online. Here’s what it does:

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 2
  • Manages blended learning programs:
    • Schedules classroom sessions (including VILT)
    • Tracks attendance
    • Sends reminders and notifications
    • Creates assessments
  • Generates reports – standard and custom
  • Supports gamification – leaderboards, scores, and badges
  • Offers offline access and is mobile-compatible
  • Integrates with:
    • External platforms – through single sign on facility
    • Video conferencing tools such Zoom – to facilitate virtual ILT sessions
  • Supports multilingual access – for your global learners

What will you get with Effectus?

Effectus offers a full suite of features and functionality along with ease of use. Whether for hosting SCROM packages, creating assignments, offering collaboration opportunities & offline access, or generating custom reports & managing users – you get it all in one package.

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 3

Hassle-free Training Management


Hassle-free Training Management

  • Add classroom training resources (PPTs, PDFs, Word documents)
  • Include digital assets (SCORM packages, videos, HTML pages, online quizzes)
  • Offer course access to all learners or limit accessibility to certain cohorts/domains
  • Set due dates for course completion and send notifications of deadlines
  • Allow self-enrollment to generic/selected courses
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 4

Gamifying the LMS


Gamifying the LMS

  • Add leaderboards that display cumulative scores for each learner group
  • Display where individual learners stand with respect to the leaderboard
  • Unlock badges based on the courses completed to increase usage and drive learning
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 5

Courses/Assessments within the LMS


Courses/Assessments within the LMS

  • Create courses using the inbuilt tool H5P
  • Create assessments using the in-built quiz engine
  • Configure assessments as pre/post training activities in your blend
  • Select from multiple assessment types – MCQs, True/False, Essays
  • Offer additional resources such as Glossary, URL links, and assignments
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 6

Collaborative Learning


Collaborative Learning

  • Offer access to discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, and online debates in the portal itself
  • Facilitate addition of discussion boards and forums by Training Managers and SMEs
  • Link your company’s social media channels with the LMS for easy sharing and increased visibility
Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 7

Multiple App Integration


Multiple App Integration

  • Plug and play third party tools – language packs, web conferencing tools, or more
  • Help learners access the LMS from your CRM or HRIS platforms through the single sign on facility

What Else Can You Do?

  • Do quick searches (the easy search functionality displays results in 5 seconds)
  • Customize the LMS to match your corporate branding
  • Add different types of users – each with specific permissions
  • Create cohorts to organize learners and share related resources
  • Track learner activities such as the login time, time spent on course, courses completed, and % completion of each course.
  • Meet the accessibility needs of most disabilities (including visually challenged) and assistive technology types as per WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

To learn more about its features and case studies, please visit Effectus.

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 8

Which is YOUR Segment?

We specialize in configuring Effectus for 3 user groups:

Keep your data safe – have a separate learning portal for customers! 

Effectus not only offers your customers access to learning resources, but also notifications about upcoming events, access to trial versions, polls, surveys, and more.

  • Upload all resources in a centralized location and limit access based on customer type.
  • Track completion rates, resources most accessed, common FQAs, and more – get actionable insights.

Effectus can act as your virtual helpdesk, to ensure tickets to your helpdesk decrease!

Wow your new hires with an LMS that’s visually rich and easy to use!

Effectus will ensure you make the best first impression through its easy navigation, simple interface, gamified features, integration with social media, and more. 

  • Upload courses, videos, job-aids – in a single place, and track learners on their onboarding journey.
  • Let learners ‘ask an expert’ and connect to peers through discussion forums and chat rooms.

Effectus can be your new hires’ best buddy, instilling a feeling of belonging!

Disseminate training to different cohorts; and do it seamlessly!

Effectus makes it easy to set up domains for different learner groups, maintain security, assign courses and track activities.

  • Customize the LMS to offer each cohort a unique, customized experience.
  • Ensure confidentiality of data and control access rights within each domain.

Effectus can be your one-stop solution and hub to coordinate all your training activities!

Why Choose CommLab India’s Effectus LMS?

Rapid Deployment

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 9

Effectus is a completely ready-to-use, plug and play LMS that can be deployed and used immediately.

It can be used as a mainstream LMS or as an add-on to your main LMS for specific groups.

Easy Customization

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 10

Whether it’s complying with your branding guidelines, integrating with your software applications, or adding a new feature to address your requirements, our technical team will do it all, and quickly!

Hassle-free Administration

Effectus – A Rapid, Plug and Play LMS 11

We are here to help if you want to outsource routine LMS administration tasks.

Our dedicated customer service teams will ensure your issues are resolved within SLAs.

Work with a team that feels and functions like a part of you!

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