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Strengthen Your Training With The Help of Video-based Learning!

What is Video-based learning

What is Video-based Learning?

Video-based learning has proved to be an effective learning solution. Videos are a highly engaging learning tool to use in eLearning. Today’s workforce comes with a short attention span and successfully engaging them is not an easy task. However, video-based learning is one such format that has proved an ideal solution for learners that can lose interest in no time. Videos reduce cognitive load while grabbing viewers’ attention and increasing engagement.

It is safe to say that video-based learning is not a passing trend. It is here to stay! Want to know more about video-based learning? Talk to us now!

Why should you include video-based learning in your learning journey?

  • Video-based learning generates engagement and curiosity. If the videos are interactive and informative enough, they can easily hook learners’ attention.
  • Videos have proved to be more impactful than text-only or audio instructions.
  • Videos facilitate immersive instructional design strategies such as simulations, storytelling, scenarios, etc. to hook the attention of learners and create an everlasting impact.
  • Videos can be accessed anywhere, any time, and on any device supporting the concept of responsive learning and making learning flexible for anyone.
  • Videos enhance the eLearning experience of learners; by incorporating high-end graphics and perfectly synced audio. 

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Why should you include video-based learning in your learning journey

Where can you use video-based learning?


Video-based learning can be used for sales training. Videos can provide information in short, quick bursts to sales personnel who are always on move and need just-in-time information.


Video-based learning can be used for new hire training. Videos can be very engaging for newly hired employees instead of the long monotonous employee handbook.


Video-based learning can be used for software training. Videos can help to demonstrate step-by-step procedures and ways to navigate through the software.


Video-based learning can be used for soft-skills training. Videos make it easier for learners to master facial expressions or gain situational awareness.


Video-based learning can be used for process training. Learning about a process by watching a video is easier than reading about it. Videos help learners retain information for a long time.

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