CommLab India Tops the List of Blended Learning Providers for 2019

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Hyderabad, India – August 01, 2019 – CommLab India, the most sought-after rapid eLearning solutions provider and authoring tools expert has been ranked first among the ‘Top eLearning Content Providers For Blended Learning 2019’. CommLab India topped the ranking by eLearning Industry that rated high-performing companies on various proficiencies such as expertise, authority, interactivity, the purpose of integrated tools, and more.

Among the distinguishing factors, eLearning Industry looked for companies offering blended learning solutions that actualize true utility for their clients, and continually develop their learning experiences. Companies were ranked on the following six parameters:

  1. eLearning quality
  2. Customer reviews
  3. eLearning expertise
  4. Niche specialization
  5. eLearning industry innovation
  6. Company’s social responsibility
CommLab India Makes Tops the List of Blended Learning Providers for 2019

CommLab India has a strong background in instructional design, classroom teaching, and eLearning. This gives it a strong vantage point to devise robust blended learning solutions. Whether it is eLearning courses that work as part of a larger training program, eLearning curriculums, microlearning assets, or just-in-time performance support, CommLab India works closely with its customers to identify their performance gaps, training needs, and learner profile to design the best blended learning solution.

For a client who needed to bring employees up to speed on their newly acquired ERP system, CommLab India worked closely with their L&D team to identify the learner profile. On identifying that the organization had several experienced employees not totally comfortable with eLearning as the only medium of instruction, CommLab India developed classroom training material. Role-based eLearning modules were developed for employees who preferred eLearning, and job-aids were developed to offer all users performance support at the point of need.  Read the success story here.

Organizations looking to get started with eLearning can also benefit from CommLab India’s expertise in rapid authoring tools and remote project management to develop online training solutions quickly, without compromising on quality. They don’t just convert classroom training material or paper-based resources to eLearning. They ensure these inputs are transformed into online-ready, learner-centric, instructionally sound courses that are firmly grounded in the principles of instructional design.

CommLab India’s expertise in developing rapid eLearning solutions and its first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t in online learning helps organizations get the optimal solution for their needs – cutting out the frills and the fads. Each online module developed is standalone and all-encompassing to ensure it can be reused by organizations in various points across the training spectrum.

“Our 2 decades of experience in custom eLearning enables us to understand our customers’ training needs and come up with online learning solutions that can be plugged into their blended framework. Whether it’s a micro video, a gamified module, a scenario-based course, or a curriculum of microlearning – we leverage our expertise in instructional design and authoring tools, to ensure our customers receive high-quality training solutions that improve employee performance,” signs off Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, COO & Co-Founder, CommLab India.

About CommLab India:

CommLab India is the most sought-after global leader for its rapid eLearning solutions. The company has 100 International customers in 30+ countries.

With our formidable authoring tools expertise and decades of experience in corporate training and instructional design, we offer rapid eLearning solutions for speed, scale and value with any authoring tool:

  • ILT material conversion into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging eLearning curriculums and other digital learning formats.
  • Legacy Course Conversions from Flash or any other authoring tool to HTML5, even if you do not have source files.
  • eLearning Translation of English eLearning course into 35 international languages – both text and audio.