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E-learning Translations During Social Distancing

When your employees, working from home, take an eLearning course, they don’t have the luxury of getting clarifications from colleagues sitting alongside.

How do you solve this problem? Translate your eLearning courses into their native languages. This will give them the comfort of learning and looking for solutions anytime, anywhere, in their preferred language – a close substitute to the human factor. 

And if you think translations will be a long-drawn affair with you having to contact one vendor for translations and another to put your courses together, think again!

With a large pool of linguists (who are domain experts) and authoring tool experts, we eliminate the hassle of working with multiple vendors. Experience our streamlined translation processes, serviced in 35 international languages, and avail our special discount as part of our customer connect initiative.


Why translations when most of your employees understand English?

While many of your global employees may understand English, they may not get the subtle nuances of the language, as English may not be the language they are most comfortable with. By translating your master course in English into multiple languages, you can ensure your employees around the world have access to the same quality of training in their language, thereby increasing the chances for improving their performance.  

What does translating eLearning courses into multiple languages involve?

Two things:

  • Translating the text and audio script in the English language eLearning into the desired foreign languages
  • Developing and publishing the courses with the translated text and audio via authoring tools

Wait… Isn’t translating in-house a good idea?

Not really.

Using full time employees who are native speakers of the required language(s) for your eLearning translations may seem like a smart move – at first, but it can backfire because of:

Poor Quality

Your employees’ translations may not be up-to-the-mark because translating is a skill acquired after years of training. Professional translators are experts and almost always proficient in two or more (English + one/more) languages.

Missed Timelines

When your employees double up as in-house translators, they do need to fulfil their primary responsibilities also. This could lead to delayed translation delivery times and increased stress levels!

Cost Escalations

Your employee’s time would likely cost more than what you would pay a professional translator. Besides, the employee’s time away from their actual work to translate your content translates into decreased productivity.

Lack of Special Software

Professional translators use special ‘memory tools’ to reuse oft-repeated words and phrases, greatly increasing efficiency and speed. No such aids would be available for your employees.

Lack of Processes

Unlike your employees who are amateurs at translation, professional eLearning translation companies have time-tested processes to translate, edit, validate, and format the translated text to make the subsequent course development easy.

Therefore, outsourcing your eLearning translations is a SMARTER move!

Do you need two vendors – one for translations and one for production?

Thankfully, the answer is “No”. When going for translation and localization, look for someone who can partner with you for both – translating the text and audio, and developing and publishing the translated courses using the most appropriate authoring tools. Your goal is a translated, localized, functional course – which is what a full-service eLearning and translation partner can bring to the table.

Holistic eLearning Translation and Localizations Services 1

CommLab India has been doing translations into other languages (both text and audio), as well as recording AND developing the translated courses using a variety of authoring tools. We follow industry best practices and offer the full spectrum of services – the design and development of the course in English to its translation into multiple languages for your global audiences.

In addition to translators, we have access to a huge pool of professional narrators. As experts in their domain, they fully understand nuances, as well as the value of the right tone and diction for each topic.

By offering translation services in all major international languages, we ensure you don’t have to deal with multiple eLearning translation vendors. No more losing sleep over tracking which course is due from which vendor and where it should go next!

How do we Handle Translations?

We follow a time-tested process to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Holistic eLearning Translation and Localizations Services 2

Plan for translations before designing the Master course

Right from when we are designing the master course in English, we follow the best practices of eLearning translation and localization to ensure your course is translation-friendly.

We then develop the course in authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline and Lectora Inspire, whose Export/Import feature facilitates easy translations.

Holistic eLearning Translation and Localizations Services 3

Pick from a large pool of translation experts

We pick the right translator for each language (based on industry, domain, and topic) from a pool of 100+ translators, experts in over 35 international languages. They have extensive domain knowledge in industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, banking, retail, etc., which ensures the translated course retains the technical accuracy of the original content. 

Holistic eLearning Translation and Localizations Services 4

Deliver quality within your timelines

We follow the TEP (Translation-Editing-Proofreading) process, using the latest translation memory tools.

The translated documents are reviewed at each stage by our lead translators and language experts, ensuring quality and speedy output.

Holistic eLearning Translation and Localizations Services 5

Deliver translated courses with source files

Once all elements of the translated course are finalized and approved, we develop the course using the authoring tool of your choice.

After a thorough check for functionality and LMS compatibility, we deliver the final course to you, along with the source files.

See How We Did It for Our Clients

CASE 1: Achieving Scale​

We translated 50 mini modules and online assessments for a major healthcare firm into 5 languages (Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese), in 3 months.

CASE 2: Designing the Master Course

For one of our clients in the manufacturing sector, we designed and developed 2 eLearning master courses (in English) on product sales training using Articulate Storyline 2, and translated them into 5 languages (German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese) – All within just 5 months!

Have 20 online modules to be converted to 10 languages and need them within the next two months?

We Can Deliver!

With our expertise in using the latest authoring tools, streamlined processes, and access to translation experts, we can quickly scale up the development of your translated courses too!

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