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Challenges without Translations

  • Native speakers get trained at centralized locations and training other employees of their language and region is a lengthy process.
  • Communication gaps may arise in manual dissemination. This leads to inconsistent training.
  • Knowledge retention can be low if the learner is not comfortable in English.
  • Companies and businesses which operate in multiple countries often need to share and receive information from different global offices and branches across the world.

Solutions Offered by Translations

  • Translating an e-learning course into the desired languages is a quick and effective process. Employees can get trained simultaneously.
  • Standardizing the eLearning course and translating it into various languages brings consistency.
  • High retention rates as courses and training resources are in learners’ native languages.
  • The shared information needs to be translated into a locally preferred language so that everyone involved is on the same page.

Did You Know?


Of global organizations indicated that they use multi-language eLearning to train their geographically diverse workforce


Of them translated their eLearning courses into nearly 10 different languages last year


Believe that they would lose their competitive advantage without translation productivity

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Why CommLab India

Our experience in Translation and Localization speaks for itself!

1000+ Courses

30 Languages

6 Training Domains

6 Authoring Tools

5 Industries

Trusted by Many!

CommLab India translators have extensive domain knowledge and maintain solid memory translation tools for each client.
  • 17 years of eLearning & translation experience in 30 international languages
  • Expertise in rapid development of multiple courses, simultaneously
  • Quality translations at industry-best prices
  • Improved project quality and consistency
  • Pool of translators and narrators with complete proficiency and command over native languages
  • Dedicated project managers to act as SPOC for each translation project
  • A strong cultural understanding of training audiences

Bridge the cultural gap with multicultural learning methods!

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Case Studies

A leading Manufacturing company wanted to translate its product training courses from English to six major international languages, though the English course was not ready. They chose CommLab to translate and localize the content simultaneously, with the English course development, to save time.

We followed a robust review process to ensure quality output and finished within the deadlines.

To cater to their culturally diverse workforce, a leading Entertainment company wanted to translate their compliance courses into 18+ languages.

CommLab employed translators with domain knowledge expertise to get accurate and qualitative output.

Rapidly translate & localize your eLearning courses in 30+ languages.

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How Does it Work?

Learning strategy
Large pool of experts
Authoring tool expertise
Domain & translation expertise
3-stage quality check
Multiple GUI wrapper
Version control

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