Microlearning for Millennials

BITE Size is the Right Size

Traditional Training vs. Microlearning

Why traditional training isn’t working anymore

  • Far too long, both classroom and eLearning impede day-to-day work and productivity.
  • Learners forget most of what they learn in a classroom or a traditional eLearning course after a week.
  • Completion rates are a bane of traditional eLearning and so is boredom in a classroom.
  • Cannot use the learning then and there.
  • Takes hundreds of hours to create traditional training. Costs a ton.

How Microlearning can save the day

  • 10-15 minutes of learning nuggets spread over a week don't tire the learner nor will productivity suffer.
  • Small learning bytes sent regularly will greatly even out the "Forgetting Curve".
  • Microlearning shows unprecedented completion rates.
  • Can use learning at the point of work.
  • Can be produced in 300% less time and at 50% less cost than traditional courses.

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How Can CommLab Help You?

We study your needs and devise a comprehensive Microlearning strategy that integrates seamlessly with other training methodologies.
CommLab India provides a sophisticated technology-based Microlearning solution that drives learning and reinforcement in a short, engaging, and fun way!

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Is Microlearning Videos Only?

Contrary to the popular opinion, we believe that Microlearning is not just limited to videos. Look at all the various Microlearning elements at your disposal:
Flip Books

Flip Books



Text Animations

Text Animations


Whiteboard Animations

Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos

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Look Who is Enjoying the Benefits of Microlearning

Food and Retail
Food and Retail

Happy Microlearning Stories

We helped this customer, a pharmaceutical major, by converting their boring software user manuals into Microlearning. The Microlearning was presented to the learners in the form of an FAQ and made available at the point of use. It was a great success in terms of learner satisfaction and their increased ability to use the software correctly and without much effort.

Time for development: 4 weeks

This customer, a multinational company upgraded their software and needed to train different types of users on the upgraded system. From the inputs/manuals the client provided, we identified the different types of users – administrators, viewers, editors, and reviewers – and created short simulation-based modules for their respective roles. As a result, we avoided creating an hour-long e-learning course which otherwise all the users would have been asked to take.

Time for development: 4 weeks

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What’s Needed to Develop Microlearning?

What you give us

  • Raw content of the subject in the form of documents, manuals, videos, slides, and so on.

Here’s what we do

  • Zero-in on the right format based on your learning objectives, job descriptions, and work environment.
  • Organize and analyze the training content.
  • Divide it logically into Microlearning modules.
  • Present the micro content effectively.

And Here’s How We Do It!

Analyze the Raw Inputs
Create a Curriculum Development Strategy
Instruction Design Strategy
Tool Selection
Development Kit
Scale Up Modules
Constant Communication with Client Throughout the Process

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Why Should You Choose Us?

We have successfully implemented Microlearning modules for many of our clients, all thanks to our:

Best-in-class instructional design

Usage of the most optimum media and tools for representation

Intuitive and excellent visual design

Solutions that make it easy to maintain and update content

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Our Technical Expertise

At CommLab India, we have experience creating responsive Microlearning solutions that can run on any device, using a variety of authoring tools, including:

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Our Track Record

100+ clients in 30+ countries

30+ Fortune 500 companies

Close to 1000 hours of learning

We are the right partner for your Microlearning initiative

CommLab India’s Microlearning courses aim to consistently provide employees with timely knowledge, in easily digestible chunks to guarantee knowledge transfer and fill those gaping performance gaps – on time.

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