Microlearning for Millennials

BITE Size is the Right Size

Getting to Know Microlearning

What is Microlearning

  • A flexible learning approach
  • Consists of short, focused modules
  • Covers a single, clear, performance-based learning objective
  • Tied to an overall learning/performance strategy
  • Aligned with the desired organizational results
  • Can be delivered in many formats
  • Available on many devices

What Microlearning is NOT

  • A new concept
  • Confined to 5-10 minutes – length depends on the content and learning objective
  • Just chunking content into small units
  • Appropriate to every learning situation
  • A one dose solution – training should use a whole array of strategies
  • Limited to the video format
  • To be confused with performance support

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How Can CommLab Help You?

We study your needs and suggest a comprehensive Microlearning strategy that integrates seamlessly with other training methodologies.
CommLab India provides a sophisticated technology-based Microlearning solution that drives learning and reinforcement in a short, engaging, and fun way!

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When Is Microlearning an Ideal Solution?

To answer this, you will have to look into the organizational results which you wish to achieve.
For each task:
These will determine whether a task can be taught with Microlearning.
Microlearning should fit into your broader learning framework. It should tie in with the strategic learning elements so that they have the desired impact on learners.

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Is Microlearning Videos Only?

Contrary to popular opinion, Microlearning is not just limited to videos. Look at the various microlearning elements at your disposal:
Case Scenarios
Digital Flashcards
Mobile Apps
Interactive Resources
Concept and Process Maps

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Look Who is Enjoying the Benefits of Microlearning

Food and Retail
Food and Retail

Happy Microlearning Stories

We helped this customer, a pharmaceutical major, by converting their boring software user manuals into micro-learning.

The Microlearning was presented to learners in the form of an FAQ and made available at the point use. It was a great success in terms of learner satisfaction and their increased ability to use the software correctly and without much effort.

Time for development: 4 weeks

This customer, a multinational company upgraded their software and needed to train different types of users on the upgraded system. From the inputs/manuals the client provided, we identified the different types of users - administrators, viewers, editors and reviewers - and created short simulation-based modules for their respective roles.

As a result, we avoided creating an hour-long e-learning course which otherwise all the users would have been asked to take.

Time for development: 4 weeks

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What's Needed to Develop Microlearning?

What you give us

  • Raw content of the subject in the form of documents, manuals, videos, slides and so on.

Here’s what we do

  • Zero-in on the right format based on your learning objectives, job descriptions, and work environment
  • Organize and analysis the training content
  • Divide it logically into Microlearning modules
  • Present the micro content effectively

Streamlined Development Path

This is how we make sure our solution adds value to your organization!
Microlearning usually comes about through one of two ways:
  • In some form of the statement: "I need something simple and fast to help ________________."
  • You see an opportunity to increase your impact (for example, by providing an array of solutions within a strategic learning strategy to better drive and sustain performance).

Why Should You Choose Us?

We have successfully implemented Microlearning modules for many of our clients, all thanks to our:

Best-in-class instructional design

Usage of the most optimum media and tools for representation

Intuitive and excellent visual design

Solutions that make it easy to maintain and update content

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The Myriad Forms of Microlearning Advantage

At CommLab India, we have experience creating engaging Microlearning assets, on a wide variety of topics, that can run on any device, using a variety of authoring tools. Check some samples assets:

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Our Track Record

100+ clients in 30+ countries

30+ Fortune 500 companies

Close to 1000 hours of learning

We are the Right Partner for your Microlearning Initiative

CommLab India’s Microlearning courses aim to consistently provide employees with timely knowledge, in easily digestible chunks to guarantee knowledge transfer and fill those gaping performance gaps – on time.

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