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What's Wrong with Traditional Training and How Can M-learning Help?

Training Challenges

  • Reinforce knowledge already conveyed through eLearning or classroom training
  • As jobs become more complex, employees require performance support, at the time of need
  • Employees need 24/7 access to knowledge, to learn at their convenience
  • Broadcast important communication to everyone, instantly

Solutions Offered by Mobile Learning

  • Mobile learning is ideal to reinforce learning with small nuggets, regularly
  • Mobile learning can deliver job-specific FAQs at the point of work
  • Learning can be presented in small chunks of information on mobile devices
  • Ideal through mobile apps

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Why CommLab India

CommLab India develops state-of-the-art mobile learning solutions, customized to provide company-specific solutions.
Our mobile learning solutions provide up-to-date information and performance support to some of the top global organizations.

What Else Do We Do?

We develop custom mobile apps as well as mobile-based learning solutions with the latest technology, including:

HTML-based content

Responsive design

Native and web-based mLearning apps

Interactive mLearning videos

Our Strengths

  • Ability to work with HTML
  • Apps for iOS and Android platforms
  • Rapid conversion of existing online learning material into mobile learning
  • Capable of developing mobile learning videos
  • Dedicated tech team for mobile apps
  • Responsive and adaptive design for performance support content on multiple devices

Some Success Stories

One of Canada's biggest food and retail chains wanted to train its "young and mobile" audience on the hazards that can occur if safety measures aren't followed.

The company’s goal was to change employees’ attitude on how they handled food and workplace safety.

With our "upbeat and catchy" challenge-based mobile learning strategy, the company was able to train its employees on food safety & restaurant basics, and successfully brought a change in their behavior.

The popularity of mobile learning forced a US-based global sales and service company to join hands with CommLab to support the learning needs of its mobile workforce.

The goal was to use mobile apps to push latest company updates and resources on a variety of topics, including regulatory compliance and quality control.

CommLab developed three full-fledged mobile apps that were used by the company to drive performance and offer information in the comfort of its learners’ palms.

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What is the Process We Follow?

You give us your existing e-learning material.
We analyze the content, formulate a strategy and visualize the content.
We organize the content in storyboards and templates.
Our team of talented designers designs and delivers your mLearning solution.

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