Video-based Learning for Impactful Training

Why read when you can WATCH

Training Without Videos vs. Training With Videos

Insights from the Corporate World

  • Lower Retention Rates

    Training in verbal format is forgotten soon. It is difficult to recollect what is learned.

  • Various Learning Styles

    All employees won’t learn the same way. Then, how can you accommodate Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK) learners?

  • Not Accessible All the Time & in All Places

    Instructor-led training (ILT) and courses that are confined to desktops may not be accessible all the time or wherever employees/learners go.

  • Explaining Complex Concepts

    While explaining highly complex concepts that are abstract, elaboration is often insufficient.

  • Workforce Inclines More to Videos

    Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than open an email or read documents. – Forrester Research

  • Video is a Learning Technology

    74% of companies used videos as an effective medium to train employees.

  • Video Cuts Down Training Costs Drastically

    Microsoft used videos to cut training costs from $320 per person to just $17 per person.

    Oracle saved over $10 million by replacing a single annual in-person sales event with on-demand videos.

  • Video Helps Learn Better

    Videos are ideal to explain difficult subjects, especially those which require demonstration.

Develop a high impact animated video for your training need

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Why CommLab India

CommLab India has successfully created hundreds of animated videos for various online training programs.
  • We have extensive experience in creating custom videos to be included in learning content.
  • We create video-based learning content and assessments that work equally well on mobile devices.
  • We have an in-house team of learning experts who analyze your training needs and make sure that the video content is aligned with your business goals.
Our video-based learning solutions have helped many companies in training their staff. We have successfully created videos for:

Our Track Record

We have produced a total of 100 training videos, clocking around 150 hours of videos, for 10 global clients.

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What Sets CommLab Apart?

Video-based Learning for Training | Animated Explainer Videos

High Quality Production

We produce training videos with the highest professional standards. We incorporate HD images & video, good quality sound, and lively animations with well-written storyboards.

Video-based Learning for Training | Animated Explainer Videos

Mobile Compatible Videos

We create online learning videos in universal file formats, to make them device-friendly, especially mobile-compatible. We develop videos in the MP4 format that is fast to download and compatible with all digital devices.

Video-based Learning for Training | Animated Explainer Videos

Cost Effective Solutions

Last but not the least, we develop high quality training videos at industry-best prices. You can just rely on us for professionally standard videos, within your budget.

Our Value-Added Video Solutions

Best in the Business

Bite-sized Videos
Bite-sized Videos
We create Microlearning videos with short chunks of information for easy absorption and emphasize key learning points for retention.
Interactive Videos
Interactive Videos
Watching videos passively can be monotonous. We develop Interactive Videos (IV) to support user interaction. You can interact with IVs through clicks, touch, and in some cases using gestures and voice too.
Lower File Sizes
Lower File Sizes
We compress videos without damaging the quality for easy downloading and to work well on lower Internet bandwidths.

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How We Helped Our Customers

An Australia-based Insurance and Banking corporation set up a campaign for employee safety and wellbeing, to help its employees understand the organization’s commitment to personal safety. As a way to recognize and reinforce everyone’s effort, the company held a safety workshop.

The company hired us to create interactive animated videos highlighting Safety and Wellbeing, including key safety and performance metrics.

Despite a tight schedule, CommLab was able to rollout the project in just two weeks, all thanks to our 3-Step AGILE process - the true hero of the project.

The company, a global leader in packaging solutions, introduced a new HRIS system, WorkDay, to replace manual operations and provide a common platform to all employees based on their roles and responsibilities. Their goal was to train employees across the globe on using the tool, within in a span of one month through highly engaging visual aids.

Through our synergistic work and constant communication, the company was able to leverage video-based learning solutions - videos and job-aids - to promote awareness of the tool among its global workforce.

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Our 6-Step Rapid Video Production Process

Identifying training goals and setting learning objectives
Preparing a detailed content outline
Collecting visuals that support your learning content (images, audio)
Connecting all the elements in a logical order with a relevant strategy
Incorporating animations and graphics, according to the planned script
Integrating text, video, and audio

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