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Business Trends, Challenges, and Changes

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Optimize you retail inventories with our online solutions.
  • Emerging trends in the retail industry require professionals to stay up-to-date on all innovations, but workforce is engaged in actively serving customers, with little scope for classroom training.
  • Severe shortage of qualified trainers.
  • Instant performance support systems are vital, owing to the extensive array of products to be handled.
  • Lack of product knowledge, leading to the inability to handle complex orders, resulting in low sales and unhappy customers.
  • Increased use of technology in retail stores.
  • Learning has to be delivered on multiple devices, platforms and modes - depending on the availability of infrastructure. Need non-Internet based solutions.
  • Workforce dispersed globally, courses need to be translated and localized according to specific cultures.

Retail Training Essentials

Increased ROI: With eLearning, employees become happy and productive, to boost the organization’s profits.

With CommLab’s solutions, you can:

  1. Scale up the learning efforts of in-store staff and managers, using e-learning.
  2. Allow staff to get trained in their local languages, with translation and localization.
  3. Enable managers to access checklists on their mobile devices, for on-the-job assessments.
  4. Comprehensive product knowledge and selling strategies with simulations.
  1. Interactive courses with assessments and instant feedback.
  2. On-time delivery of necessary knowledge with bite-sized chunks, through mobile learning.
  3. Customized learning for instore procedures and policies, customer service, handling complaints.
  4. Efficient tracking (via a Learning Management System), to monitor progress.

Straight From Our Clients

The right analytics behind successful customer service is redefining the threshold of retail training.


An FMCG giant relies heavily on various suppliers and vendors to procure raw materials for its products. The company attributes its success to its high quality and consistent product offerings and strong vendor services. However, with its several products and brands, the company’s global procurement team was having a hard time fulfilling the "Procure to Pay" policy via Ariba© software, resulting in delays in payments to their vendors.


They reached out to CommLab India, to help develop a highly interactive 'Procure to Pay' software training program across its global offices. CommLab created a highly engaging software simulation course on the usage of Ariba© to ensure its efficient adoption throughout the company.

Our custom-made courses are suitable for the requirements of the industry

Our state-of-the-art learning solutions make learning fun and enjoyable! With our e-learning solutions, you can train your employees on:

New hire training

Operational training

Product training

Software training

Exceed consumer expectations with our rapid and custom-made online training solutions.

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