E-learning Translations: Imparting Excellent Training To Global Workforce

E-learning Translations: Imparting Excellent Training To Global Workforce

Many organizations, operating in multiple countries, train their employees using the online medium to reduce their training costs. When this training is delivered in native languages of their personnel, it is more effective. But, how can you translate your eLearning courses in quick time and ensure high quality at low cost? What aspects you need to consider while localizing your eLearning courses? How can you handle cultural differences, effectively?

Here is a special kit that comprehensively covers all aspects related to the translation and localization of eLearning courses, including how to select your outsourcing vendor partner if consider to outsource.

Download this kit to get more information on:

  • Difference between localization and translation
  • Aspects involved in effective online course translations
  • Process that ensures a high quality translation
  • Feasibility of having different versions of same eLearning course to suit different cultures or countries
  • E-learning translation trends

This kit consists of the following resources:

  • eBook: "How to Translate E-learning Courses Effectively".
  • Webinar: "Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?".
  • Webinar: "Cross Cultural E-learning for Global Audience: Best Practices".
  • White paper: "The Realities of Cross Cultural E-learning"

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