Online Course Translations for Global Learning – A How to Kit

Get all the information you need to produce the perfect e-learning translation

Online Course Translations for Global Learning – A How to Kit

As organizations continue to expand their operations overseas, the significance of the need to impart effective training to globally dispersed workforces is ever increasing. To meet this need, firms are increasingly using online methodologies to train their international staff members.

Studies show that training is most effective when provided in the learner's native language. Employees could easily connect themselves with the e-learning course if it is delivered in their mother tongue. Furthermore, personnel find it easy to understand the content, "follow" what is being shared and figure out new ideas and concepts as they are introduced, when training is imparted in their native languages.

So, are you too planning to climb the e-learning translation bandwagon? Then, you need to download this excellent resource -- Online Course Translations for Global Learning - A How to Kit. This kit provides answers to the following.

  • What are the cultural issues that have an impact on learning, and how can they be overcome?
  • What does it take to design and develop effective e-learning courses which can be translated easily?
  • How can online courses be translated in a quick and cost-effective manner?
  • Why do you need to outsource e-learning translation projects, and how can you choose the right vendor?

The kit comprises:

  • A 44 page whitepaper - The Realities of Cross-Cultural E-learning
  • A 44 page eBook - How to Translate E-learning Courses Effectively
  • A 39 minute webinar - Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?
  • A 3 minute presentation - Why Should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses?

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