Initiating Multilingual E-learning For Your Global Workforce: Useful Resources

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  • Very often, the head office of a multinational company creates excellent training content in English. However, as the organization has presence across different regions, training in English may not be well received by all employees. Often, a local manager is trained by the lead trainer, who in turn trains his team members. However, training the trainer may not give the anticipated results due to variations in the ability of people to deliver training. In such circumstances, it is best to get the English courses professionally translated into the desired target languages.
  • Here is a kit that provides all the information you need to launch multilingual eLearning programs, successfully, across your global offices. Download the kit to:
    • Learn how to control translation costs while initiating global knowledge transfer
    • Know the nitty-gritties of the strategies needed to translate eLearning courses, effectively
    • UGet tips on localization of online courses
    • Find out how Articulate Storyline can be used to make eLearning course translations easy

The kit Initiating Multi-lingual E-learning For Your Global Workforce: Useful Resources includes:

  • A Webinar: "Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb"
  • A Presentation: "Essential Strategies for Translating eLearning Courses"
  • A Presentation: "Translations Made Easy with Articulate Storyline"
  • An Article: "E-learning for Excellent Training For Your Global Workforce"

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