Outsourcing E-learning Translations For Quick Global E-learning Deployment

Outsource E-learning Translation for Hassle-free Training

  • Translation requirements are ad-hoc and do not require permanent staff. Hence, it is advisable to outsource these activities to an external vendor. However, most organizations hesitate to outsource because they are not sure how they can ensure quality and commitment from external partners. Download this kit to learn how you can make eLearning outsourcing a winning proposition for your organization.
  • It provides comprehensive information on outsourcing e-learning projects, with an emphasis on translations. Download the kit to:
    • Know how translated online courses facilitate better learning
    • Learn how to identify the right vendor for your eLearning translation project
    • Understand how your organization can benefit by translating and localizing its online courses

Outsourcing E-learning Translations For Quick Global E-learning Deployment includes:

  • A Webinar: "Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?"
  • An E-book: "E-learning Outsourcing - A Comprehensive Guide"
  • A Presentation: "Tips for Selecting an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor"
  • A Presentation: "Why Should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses?"
  • An Article: "E-learning Translations: Paving The Way For Excellent Training“

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