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One of the most critical functions for any organization's survival and growth is Sales. With faster time-to-market your products or services being a key business goal, it is critical that your sales people are equipped with the right information and skills to improve sales. Can e-learning help in bringing your sales staff up-to-speed with your offerings? It has been demonstrated that organizations that used e-learning for sales training showed a significant increase in sales. To learn about how you can use e-learning to improve sales revenues, access this recorded webcast.

A critical component of the marketing mix is the promotion, which further comprises four elements - sales promotion, advertising, publicity/public relations and personal selling. Personal selling is what our sales people do, whether to the end user, as in the case of direct selling situations, or to the channel partners in case of distributor selling situations.

Now, how do we empower the sales professional to deliver more? Well, the answer is by training. Training them in product knowledge and selling skills can go a long way. Selling skills training is done better in a classroom because it is a dynamic skill which is developed in a simulated environment with live feedback. However, product training to sales people can be done very well through e-learning for various reasons.

To begin with, product launches have become many and frequent. Combine it with the fact that most sales people are geographically scattered. So, to bring them into a classroom whenever there is a new product launch is not only a costly affair but also an organizer's nightmare. Sales managers will fight it tooth and nail. Let's look at another aspect. What kind of learners are typical sales people? Surely not the type to sit still in classrooms! They primarily thrive on the freedom their job gives to manage their time.

For this kind of training for these kinds of audiences, e-learning is the most appropriate mode. In this webinar, we will share with you certain best practices in using e-learning for product training and live case studies from our own experience for the last 10 years.

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