eLearning Curriculums on Cross-Selling for an Enterprise Software Company


About Our Client

A global enterprise software company and the second largest in Europe, our client provides independent and open software to enterprises, helping increase efficiencies to make real-time business decisions.

They target 9 different customer verticals including banking, retail, manufacturing, communication & media, capital markets, and governance. The company has over 4,500 employees with a presence in more than 70 countries.

Training Background, Requirements, & Challenges

The company requires their sales workforce to promote their USP to create new business opportunities. They decided to shift from the classroom and digitize their sales training to equip their workforce with dynamic selling skills to meet market demands.


The company wanted to develop eLearning curriculums on cross selling and soft skills for their sales personnel to:

  • Reduce the duration of their classroom sessions
  • Ensure active learner participation through interactive learning
  • Train learners on soft skills in sales management
  • Provide resources for in-depth reading on their LMS


  • Ensuring industry-specific, up to date and relevant sales content in the eLearning modules
  • Reusing the existing classroom content, identifying gaps, and filling them
  • Making the courses engaging and interactive effective retention and application
  • Standardizing the modules for a uniform learning experience
  • Meeting the aggressive timelines

CommLab India’s Solution

The project included developing 9 eLearning sales curriculums for each industry dealing with their markets and software applications and 7 modules for soft skills training in sales management.
Each sales curriculum dealt with:
  • Sales opportunities and customer knowledge
  • Industry trends & market strategies
  • Case studies
  • Industry competitors and partners
The soft skills modules dealt with:
  • The ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of each skill in sales management
  • Working with different types of individuals
  • Creating a strong sales team
Each eLearning module (for both sales and soft skills) was 20-30 minutes in duration.

The Approach

Since the company was transitioning from classroom instructor-led training (ILT) to online learning, we wanted to provide a familiar learning environment to employees through an avatar-based guided learning approach.

The character (avatar) had a role similar to that of the learners to guide them through the curriculums, ensuring better connection to the eLearning content.

To ensure active participation of the learners, interactivities including ice-breaker questions and relevant imagery were included.

The Tool


The courses needed to be delivered within a very short time, so we went with the iSpring Suite, a rapid eLearning authoring toolkit that incorporates interactivities, embedded quizzes, and surveys.

Deliverables and the Team

eLearning Curriculums (34 modules)
Learning Hours

Execution Time: 5 Months


9 curriculums
34 modules
11 learning hours

Development Time: 1500 hours


1 Visual Designer
1 Project Lead
4 Instructional Designers
4 Project Managers
10 Courseware Developers
3 Stakeholders

Success Mantra: Constant communication, weekly check-in calls,
standardization, reusability, and agile process.



The training was well received by the organization’s sales force. Our approach helped the client: 

  • Successfully train employees on industry-specific, up to date sales information and soft skills through digital learning.
  • Reuse existing ILT materials for eLearning development.
  • Reduce training duration for both sales and soft skills.


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