Game-based Learning for the New Age Workforce

Make learning fun and ENGAGING

Customer Challenges and Gamified Solutions

Common Training Challenges

  • Learners retain only 5% of the information taught through traditional training
  • Most young learners find it difficult to sit through and complete traditional eLearning
  • High learner dropout rate
  • Lack of motivation

How Game-based Learning Can Help

  • Research shows that gamified eLearning results in 11% higher factual knowledge, 14% higher skill-based knowledge, and 9% higher retention
  • Leads to greater attention spans and helps break the monotony of a course
  • Enhances completion rates
  • Fosters a competitive spirit

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Why CommLab India

CommLab India’s game-based e-learning courses can be adapted for your company-specific curriculum, to achieve the desired learning outcomes.
At CommLab, we know our fundamentals of game-based learning, and we will help you find the right solution for your organization.

Our Mission is to Help Organizations Find Success

We at CommLab believe that organizations should be able to find success by integrating game-based strategies in different kinds of training.
To help companies achieve this, we create customized game-based solutions for a wide range of trainings including:

If you are looking for game-based eLearning, CommLab is your best bet!


  • We have a large group of best-in-class learning and design experts
  • We have 17 years of professional experience in developing custom e-learning solutions
  • We are the preferred e-learning partner to more than 30+ Fortune 500 companies

Our amazing speed + quality + cost proposition makes us the right partner for your basic to advanced game-based solutions.

Our Game-based Offerings

Simulation-based games
Simulation-based games
Maze games
Maze games
Board games
Board games
Decision-making games
Decision-making games

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Here’s How We Helped Our Customers

To help their in-house e-learning development team cut down development time and effort, Canada’s second largest bank needed to set up a standardization kit for internal online course development.

CommLab’s team of developers developed 15 top-notch JAWS-compatible game-based templates along with 10 individual static slides and 10 interactive slides, customized for Articulate Storyline 2.

Game-based learning took the center stage for one of USA’s leading furniture companies, as they successfully integrated games into the company’s workplace learning initiatives.

Using CommLab India’s decades of experience, the company was able to tailor a game-based e-learning course for its sales force spread across three major regions, giving them a platform to compete with their colleagues, all the while learning about the company’s wide range of products.

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How Do We Go About Developing Game-based Learning Solutions?

You give us your training material
We analyze your training material and company needs
Determine if a game-based solution can help achieve those outcomes
Plan, strategize, design, develop and deliver your learning solution

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