Online Simulations

Driving Success Through INTERACTIONS and Engagement

What Difference do Simulations Make?

Insights from the corporate world

How learners perform in the absence of simulations

  • Finding innovative ways to ensure learners are ready to tackle challenges at work is difficult
  • No risk-free environment to practice high-risk tasks
  • Most employees find it difficult to grasp how systems work, the relationships between components
  • Learners can’t be tested on their ability to perform the task, which may lead to serious knowledge gaps

How simulations help learners

  • Learners can interact with simulations
  • Simulations create genuine, but non-threatening environments, offering learners opportunities to practice their skills without the fear of consequences
  • Learners experience firsthand how changes to one component affect the others
  • Watch-Try-Do software simulations allow learners to watch how a piece of software works, enable them to try it on their own, and test their ability to perform the task

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Why CommLab India

Our experience spans over a decade, working with clients across industries. So, we are fully equipped to understand your requirements and meet your expectations.
More than 30 Fortune 500 companies have driven employee performance using our simulation-based e-learning courses for:
Compliance Training

Sales Training

New Hire Training

Compliance Training

New Hire Training

Software Training

New Hire Training

Pharmaceutical Training

Our learning and design experts will make sure that your training content is lively, and engaging by incorporating:

Compliance Training


New Hire Training


New Hire Training

Branching Scenarios

New Hire Training


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What to Expect from CommLab India:

When you partner with us, you are privy to:

Learning and design experts

Excellent project management

Superior quality simulations

On-time completion of projects

Speedy delivery

Multiple cost-saving channels

CommLab India creates engaging and interactive simulations that are customized to your training needs.

Here are some different types of simulations:

Software Simulations

Ideal if you are implementing new software and wish to harness the full potential of the application


Laboratory Simulations

In a laboratory simulation, learners can fiddle with laboratory equipment that behave in almost the same way as they would in a real environment.


Scenario-based Simulations

Make simulations realistic by including scenarios your learners might encounter in real world.

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Success Stories

Our clients have used simulations to introduce new ways learning in their organizations. Here are some success stories:

For a Europe-based multinational company, software training took center stage as it upgraded its existing software. The software was to be used by its huge employee base belonging to different departments – administrators, viewers, editors, reviewers – and hence they required a sophisticated training approach.

Our learning and design experts analyzed the inputs provided by the client thoroughly and proposed that a simulation-based approach would be ideal to make the training engaging.

Our team of expert designers created short, bite-sized simulation modules to ensure learning was not a tiring, lengthy process. With our interactive and engaging simulations, the company was able to successfully train its workforce on the newly-introduced software, and increased productivity by 50%.

A pharmaceutical company needed to develop an e-learning curriculum, based on their existing software manuals. Since most of its employees were unfamiliar with the software, they were bound to make mistakes while learning to operate the software.

Therefore, CommLab’s experts felt that a simulation-based microlearning course would be ideal for hands-on training, where employees could take risks and learn by practicing in a fail-safe environment.

We created the microlearning simulations in just two months and made them LMS-ready. To better help learners navigate through the LMS, we also ensured that the titles of these simulation modules were in the form of FAQs. This way, learners could easily find what they were looking for, without too much effort.

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