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Why eLearning for Onboarding?

Regardless of your business, the aim of any employer is to help new hires adjust smoothly into your company.

Traditional Onboarding Challenges

  • New Hires need to be onboarded globally
  • New Hires join all through the year, making it impossible for multiple training programs
  • Cost goes up as the number of trainers goes up
  • Addressing diverse cultural groups is not easy
  • Inconsistent messaging and teaching styles of instructors
  • Sitting in a classroom training is boring

The eLearning Way

  • Enable onboarding anywhere, anytime
  • Create custom eLearning that can be tailored to match specific learner groups
  • Self-learning modules
  • Translate for global reach
  • Standardize content and presentation with custom courseware
  • Visuals, animations, and learning activities enhance learning experience

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Why CommLab India

Transform Your Onboarding Experience with CommLab!
Our employee development programs are designed with your organizational goals and global audiences in mind.

With CommLab’s onboarding training, you can:

  • Develop custom courses that address the needs of new hires in specific departments and/or job roles
  • Save time and money on onboarding training
  • Rollout uniform training, instantly
  • Ensure operational efficiency
  • Deliver standalone learning in bite-sized chunks on topics such as HR policies, compensation and benefits, CoC, and more
  • Conduct multiple trainings across multiple locations
  • Reduce employee turnover

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If you’re looking for a modern eLearning course for your employee onboarding and training needs, our solutions are the best in class.

17 years of expertise, coupled with the latest instructional design approach & development process, helps us deliver high quality eLearning courses.
Experienced Professionals
You’d partner not just with another eLearning vendor, you’d be partnering with learning design and authoring tool experts.
Turnaround Time
We provide a rapid turnaround time, working within our clients’ deadlines.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our primary aim and that sets us apart from others. We have a stunning 93.2% customer satisfaction rating.
We’re flexible, cost-competitive and cost-effective.
Being in the industry for over 17 years, our experts understand your requirements minutely & design courses tailored to fit your requirements accurately.

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We Make Onboarding Engaging

Trust us to deliver tailor-made online training solutions, using a wide range of instructional strategies.
Bite-sized Videos
Scenario-based eLearning can be an effective way to improve your learners' engagement levels.
Interactive Videos
Learners participate actively when they are given a chance to explore organizational components.
Lower File Sizes
Videos have a better impact because learners absorb information better through videos rather than through complex visuals.
Interactive Videos
Blended Learning
Blend the best of both worlds using a combination of delivery formats or modalities.

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Success Stories

Take a look at how CommLab has successfully helped organizations with their onboarding initiatives.

A Swiss-based electronics manufacturing company needed an online onboarding module to orient its new hires on a global scale. Being a multinational conglomerate with a presence in almost 20 countries, the company saw the need to offer “remarkable virtual training” in an engaging way. The company needed a partner who was an expert in authoring e-learning courses using Adobe Flash.

Our learning and design experts proposed a learner-centric user interface that was both interactive and instructionally sound. We recreated the company in a virtual environment where learners could explore the culture, its business strategies, and their individual roles and responsibilities.

Nigeria’s leading Oil Retailer approached CommLab with a requirement to develop content for the Human Capital Management Department to train its new hires. The company wanted CommLab to create the e-learning course by incorporating game-based elements. The purpose of this game-based onboarding course was to train new hires on the company, its services, employee relations and performance management, in an engaging way. CommLab’s designers used Storyline 2 to devise an interactive game-based eLearning module that used scenario-based elements. Real world pictures were also used as course backgrounds.

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