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What is Rapid eLearning

What is Rapid eLearning?

Rapid eLearning is a faster and more effective avatar of custom eLearning that helps you save time and cost on eLearning development. Rapid eLearning development can quickly adapt to your organization’s unique needs and help create effective and agile learning content.

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What is NOT Rapid eLearning?

Rapid eLearning is not something that downgrades the course quality or a course that lacks creativity or engagement. They aren’t mere “click next” slides that aren’t interactive at all. This misconception arises due to the wrong narrative stuck in the public’s mind that makes them compare creativity with complexity.

What is NOT Rapid eLearning

Why do you need Rapid eLearning

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For continual learning, better completion, and retention rates with the help of Bite-sized training modules.

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For reduced eLearning development costs, time, and resources with improved learning effectiveness and efficiency.

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For any time and anywhere course accessibility on any device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

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For simpler maintenance and easy updating of the courses whenever required.

Where can you use Rapid eLearning

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Product Sales Training

Train your team to Sell more effectively with Rapid eLearning

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Deliver Seamless Onboarding with Rapid eLearning

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Software Training

Easy & quick Software Training with Rapid eLearning

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Compliance Training

For regulatory & Safety training through Rapid eLearning

Why should you choose us for your
Rapid eLearning Development needs?

Our Rapid eLearning solutions provide the ‘right dose’ of instructional design, ‘rapidly’!

  • We ensure an engaging and innovative design to keep it learner-centric
  • We do not compromise on quality even when there are tight deadlines
  • We have experts in Authoring tools who utilize rapid authoring tools effectively
  • We ensure course compatibility with various devices

We cater to your unique needs delivering the best results

Our Rapid eLearning Services

Our Rapid eLearning solutions provide the ‘right dose’ of instructional design, ‘rapidly’!

Classroom to Digital learning conversion

Converting classroom training to eLearning courses involves shifting from instructor-led training programs to more effective self-paced online courses. It is beneficial for your organization as eLearning offers some noteworthy benefits if you are looking to upskill your employees faster and more cost-effectively. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your training outcomes and maximize your ROI, consider transforming and digitizing your training courses through Microlearning, Video learning, V-ILT, and much more. Share your needs with us.

The world of learning is upgrading constantly. To be on par, you must have courses with all the features to engage the learner. If you have courses created in Flash or older versions of authoring tools, you need to upgrade them. All those Legacy courses can now be easily converted, updated, and renewed as well. All you need to do is contact us.

So are you ready to make your legacy courses multi-device compatible with all the latest features? Let us together make your eLearning secure, millennial-friendly, and future-proof! 

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Legacy Course conversions
eLearning Translations

If you are scaling up your business operations worldwide, eLearning translation is essential to your training program. eLearning translation is converting your eLearning course from its original language to any ‘target language’. It helps you deliver training across diverse groups in their unique language. It also incorporates methods on how the content should be presented, such as images, audio, and text, to give learning the right tone. 

Looking for a vendor who can do all this and much more? CommLab India is a go-to learning partner!

We can help you translate your courses into more than 35 languages. Now you don’t need multiple vendors for eLearning course creation and translation. CommLab India is a one-stop solution for all your training needs.

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Look no further! You are at the right place. CommLab India has been ranked among the top providers of rapid eLearning solutions for corporate training for the past 3 years.


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Rapid eLearning does eliminate the bells and whistles however it adheres to the principles of instructional design thus maintaining quality.

Rapid eLearning development improves corporate training ROI.

  • It eliminates unnecessary frills and fancies without compromising on quality.
  • It shortens eLearning development time.
  • It makes content Updation easier saving extra costs.
  • It accelerates time to competency.

Rapid eLearning offers training managers the opportunity to design and roll out the training courses quickly and hassle-free.

Rapid eLearning utilizes existing content like classroom material or legacy courses. It leverages the power of rapid authoring tools to convert it into digital learning assets. So, if you have any such content you can opt for rapid eLearning development.