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The WHY, WHAT, & HOW of Rapid eLearning Solutions

WHY go for Rapid eLearning?

Let’s face it.
You need to deliver business results, fast!

You need to train your employees so their time to proficiency is minimized, and show immediate results – improved Sales, Efficiencies, or Compliance.

You can do all this with rapid eLearning design and development!


Rapid eLearning is the way to go because it delivers on its promise – a promise of MAXIMUM impact in MINIMUM time, with sound instructional design for high quality courses on a large scale.

The BENEFITS of Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning deliver courses within timelines with the ‘right dose’ of instructional design.
NO compromise on quality, interactions, or visuals!

Instructional Design in Rapid eLearning

Robust Instructional Design


Robust Instructional Design

Rapid eLearning’s instructional design is “fast and right” – great value for money and highly effective with just 5 basics.

  • Performance-based learning objectives
  • Content & assessments aligned to the objectives
  • Appropriate level of interactivity
  • Formative and summative assessments
Quick Delivery with Rapid eLearning

Speed of Execution


Speed of Execution

Your Sales Managers, Operations Heads and Legal Counsels operate in extremely dynamic and challenging conditions, under very tight deadlines.

Rapid Elearning Solutions cut down development time by 30% compared to conventional training methods.

Faster training = faster results!

Achieve Scale with Rapid eLearning

Scale of Operations


Scale of Operations

Your business needs are constantly changing and evolving, needing different training interventions.

We specialize in designing and developing eLearning courses or curriculums to address these disparate needs – with Rapid eLearning. And we do this against tight deadlines!

Project Management for Rapid eLearning

Project Management


Project Management

Having worked with global customers for 20 years, we swear by the lean and agile iterative Successive Approximation Model (SAM).

SAM accommodates both the creative (instructional and visual design) and mechanical (development) aspects of eLearning design and development.

ROI with Rapid eLearning

Healthy ROI


Healthy ROI

Because rapid eLearning development focuses on the essentials while cutting out the frills, it can lead to a 30-50% jump in your ROI without negatively affecting learning efficacy.

Our rapid eLearning solutions have delivered maximum returns on customers’ investments.

WHAT are Rapid eLearning Solutions?

Unlike conventional eLearning, Rapid eLearning helps rollout eLearning courses within weeks, leveraging authoring tools.

It helps disseminate information faster, is based on robust instructional design, but without the bells and whistles.

WHAT goes into Rapid Development?

THREE things

  • Trimmed down content from bulky and ‘ornamental’ eLearning courses.
  • The fundamental principles of instructional design.
  • Authoring Tools for quick course development.

HOW can Rapid eLearning Solutions help you Achieve your Business Results?

Business results can be summed up as “Sell More (Sales & Marketing)”, “Improve Efficiencies (Processes, Software and Onboarding)” and “Stay Compliant (Legal & Safety)”.

Sell More with Rapid eLearning

eLearning for product sales training is 50-70% cheaper than classroom training.

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for product and sales training can include:

  • Bite-sized product training modules for uninterrupted learning and higher completion rates
  • eLearning videos for more effective training on complex products
  • Interactive eBooks that can be read and saved on mobile devices
  • Mobile-compatible microlearning modules for just-in-time learning

Improve Onboarding with Rapid eLearning

Deliver Onboarding training to your large, globally dispersed, multilingual workforce. 

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for onboarding can include:

  • Videos of influential speakers (e.g. CEO) or SMEs
  • Testimonials of current employees
  • Virtual tours of facilities and factories
  • Game-based assessments

Enhance Software Training with Rapid eLearning

Quickly train your employees on enterprise software (e.g., SAP, Workday, Salesforce, etc.).

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for software training can include: 

  • Watch-Try-Do simulations
  • Role-based online training modules
  • Online job-aids for learning at the point of need
  • Blended learning solutions that leverage classroom and eLearning

Stay Compliant with Rapid eLearning

Opt for rapid eLearning to overcome the challenges of compliance training

  • Changing regulations
  • Dry, sometimes incomprehensible content (“legalese”)

Rapid eLearning uses scenario-based or story-telling instructional strategies that mimic real life and enable your learners to better apply regulatory concepts in practice.

Stay Safe with Rapid eLearning

Use rapid eLearning to teach most of the concepts of safety training, effectively!

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for safety training can include: 

  • Videos and infographics on specific topics
  • Scenarios demonstrating chemical, biological, ergonomic, physical, and work-related hazards
  • Case studies with real life experiences and lessons for improved safety

Our Rapid eLearning Solutions – backed by Our Mastery of Authoring Tools

ILT to eLearning Curriculums

ILT to eLearning Curriculums

We convert Instructor-led Training (ILT) material into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging, and effective eLearning curriculums.

Legacy Course Conversions

Legacy Course Conversions

We repurpose/redesign legacy courses created in Flash or other authoring tools, making them compatible across multiple devices and browsers.

eLearning Translations

eLearning Translations

We translate and redevelop English courses into more than 35 international languages, taking care of localization as well.

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