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The Ever-Changing Face of Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry has an unceasing inflow of new products. Healthcare reps need to be constantly trained on products and other introductions in the medical community.
  • Constant evolution in the pharmaceutical industry requires professionals to stay up-to-date on all innovations
  • Training time constraints in a fast-paced industry
  • Severe shortage of qualified trainers
  • Rapid launch of new drugs into the market
  • Ever-increasing need to deliver compliance training as companies expand to new regions with different compliance regulations
  • Growing demand for the optimal use of the training budget
  • Many reps have no life sciences background, and they need to be trained in a quick, efficient, yet cost-effective manner

E-Learning Goes Interactive

E-Learning offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional training programs.

Using mobile-compatible job-aids, medical sales reps can describe a drug in less than one minute.

Blending e-learning with classroom sessions can lead to both cost and time savings.

Scenario-based e-learning modules help sales reps handle customer objections in a better way.

Anytime, anywhere access to bite-sized modules helps reinforce learning effectively.

Provides a measurable and dynamic solution to reps through the use of audio, video, demonstrations, and interactive materials.

Employees can have 'anytime' access for the retrieval of imperative information, related to healthcare programs and regulatory audits.

Our Feat Reiterated

Experienced learning professionals with life sciences background, headed by a qualified Doctor


A healthcare training organization that trains 12,000 professionals annually, wanted an e-learning vendor who could support them in converting their existing courses to iPad-compatible courses. They wanted medium-to-high-level interactive courses for their target audience, who would be physicians and other healthcare providers.


CommLab’s team of developers used Articulate Storyline to create visually rich, highly interactive courses that could run on iPads, Smartphones, and PCs, seamlessly.


  • Visually rich, interactive courses
  • Compatible with iPads and PCs
  • Happy Clients


A drug manufacturing company wanted to convert 350 of its classroom presentations into engaging e-learning courses in 3 months, to help their sales reps handle doctors’ objections effectively.


CommLab worked closely with the customer and involved them at every stage of the review process to ensure a smooth workflow. CommLab’s team of developers used the scenario-based strategy for all the 350 presentations and delivered the project in just two months.

We, at CommLab, follow a well-defined project management process, the Successive Approximation Model (SAM), that benefits customers across every part of the world.

CommLab can help you develop highly engaging and interactive Pharma courses, quickly, at low cost. With our e-learning solutions, you can train your employees on:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Complex products, drugs
  • Selling skills
  • Drug development processes
  • Compliance regulations and industry laws
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Rely on us – We can provide the best web-based training solution, in the shortest timeframe, with the least expenditure.

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