Content Development

The client wanted an e-learning course on information security to create awareness among their employees. They did not have content in any form and developing the content was a big challenge for us.

After talking to the client, we realized that the expectation shared is broad and it needs to be narrowed down. We did a thorough research on how information security awareness is created, Based on client’s requirements, we came up with a detailed instructional design document (IDD). The IDD shows how the content is treated.

Working with SMEs, we finalized the content and its flow at an early stage. This ensured smooth project development.

Instructional Strategy

The course is about compliance and learners may not find it interesting. So, in order to motivate the learners, we proposed a scenario-based approach. As a part of the instructional strategy, we started the course with a self-running video, where we explained what is information security and why is it important, so that learners appreciate “whats in for them” .

We added real life scenariosto help the learners understand the concept comprehensively. At the end of every scenario,the learners were asked questions. To answer these questions, they need to read the question and place themselves in the scenario.This helped the learners apply their knowledge.

To make the course enaging, we added a lot of interactivities such as flip book, click-on-images, drag-and-drops. The course also used multiple narrators, breaking monotony.

For evaluation, we added a randomized quiz. From a pool of 200 questions, each learner is given 10 questions to assess his knowledge. The set of 10 questions changes after every attempt.

Risk Of Information-Security Breaches Reduced With E-learnings

2 Weeks Development Time

One of the challenges was the short development time (2 weeks). Our agile processes and systems ensured we delivered on time. First, we conducted the training need analysis and then worked on the Instructional Design Doument (IDD). After the approval of the IDD, we proceeded with the subsequent steps as shown below:

Risk Of Information-Security Breaches Reduced With E-learnings

We shared our work with the customer on a daily basis and obtained feedback, through calls. This helped us align with their expectations and close the project within the given timeline.

Thanks for the Quality. Really appreciate your work in tight timelines. The course looks fabulous with rich animations.


IT Service Delivery Manager
Energy Solutions Provider

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